About our company

Our company name is Relativity because we empower our users to effectively compare all possibilities and make the right financial decision. We are the trusted and impartial assistant in this important decision-making process.


Average savings

Average savings when using Pureloan.com mortgage search


Mortgage records

Historical mortgage records for our predictive model


Mortgage searches

Helping mortgage and refinance seekers nationwide


Salary records

Searchable salary data from public records

Decision-making through transparency

"We believe everyone should have the equal access to financial data, not just the elite who can afford private mortgage brokers or personal career recruiters.

You deserve the right support as you make a life-changing financial decision or embark upon a new career path."

The right team

We are a team of data scientists and engineers who strive to organize the most accurate data and present them to you in an objective and unfiltered way.