For Better Decisions


Changing the Personal Finance Game

Relativity is building integrated and personalized financial assistance engines to help each individual make the best data-driven decisions.  We believe our combination of the latest market data and advanced recommendations will revolutionize personal finance.

We are based in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto, CA, USA) and Shanghai, China


Scalable. Universal. Intelligent.

We are building the technologies for highly scalable and widely used products.  We develop our web applications mostly in the Ruby language, which features an established web framework and allows for custom C plugins.

We engineer our data layer as internal API services to enable cross-use of multiple types of data covering numerous products, constantly ingested and updated with new data from proprietary and public sources.

We will be adding AI to discover hidden information from huge amount of data, better understand user search queries, discover user preferences, and even predict user needs.


Paying for the mortgage is the biggest cost you will ever have, and there are many more options out there than most people realize!  Based on our experience, we can offer you mortgage and refinance options at dozens of banks.  We can also show you the exact costs breakdown and how to use mortgage calculators to find out your monthly payment schedule. Visit to start saving on your mortgage. 

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Salaries are what we rely upon to sustain ourselves and our families, and to invest for a better life.  Unlike our competitors, our salary search engine is based upon official records and guaranteed to be accurate.  We analyze the best positions for you by company, location, and industry.  We will also recommend exciting and lucrative career paths.